Cleaning Checklist: How to Keep Your Bathrooms Clean

Bathrooms are undoubtedly important rooms—we spend time in them every day! But it doesn’t take long for bathrooms to become dirty. If keeping your bathroom clean has been a source of stress, here are some tips to help you master the mess.

Scrub Your Showers and Tubs

Showers and bathtubs are common spots for soap scum buildup. Use a dish wand and some Dawn dish soap to scrub the scum away. You can use this same method on plastic shower curtains to remove soap build up. If you have a fabric shower curtain, machine wash it regularly (every 1 to 3 months) to prevent mold and bacterial growth. If your shower has a sliding glass door, use an old toothbrush and shower cleaner to clean the door’s tracks. You can clean the glass itself with a sponge and baking soda or window cleaner.

Here’s a recipe for an All Natural Scouring Powder you can use in your tub or shower.

Clean Your Toilets

It’s a good idea to wear rubber gloves when you are cleaning your bathroom, and this is especially true for when you clean your toilets. Start by cleaning inside of the bowl with some baking soda and vinegar. Use a non-scratching scrub brush to get the inside and under the rim. Do not flush until you’ve finished cleaning the whole toilet. Spray the outside of the bowl and tank with undiluted hydrogen peroxide for a non-toxic clean. You can use an old toothbrush around the hinges and bolts. Don’t forget to wipe down the back of the toilet! It can be hard to reach, but dirt, germs, and hair can build up around the back of the toilet as well as the front. After scrubbing, wipe the toilet with paper towels until it shines. Close the lid and flush.

Shine Your Mirrors

It’s not uncommon for soap, toothpaste, and hairspray to splatter on mirrors in your bathroom. If you have little ones, they may leave some drawings in the steam after bath time. All of these things can smudge up your mirrors and make it hard to see your reflection. For a streak-free clean, try mixing some vinegar and water (using a 1:1 ratio) and putting it in a spray bottle. Spritz the solution onto a microfiber cloth or an old t-shirt and wipe the mirror for a nice shine!

Clean Your Sinks

Between washing hands and brushing teeth, bathroom sinks are used heavily throughout the day. Clean them regularly to keep soap and toothpaste from building up. Consider sanitizing high-touch areas, like the knobs of the sink, with either vinegar and an old toothbrush or Clorox wipes. If your sink is stainless steel or ceramic, try using a sponge and some baking soda to give it some extra shine! The baking soda can also help get rid of smells from the sink’s drain.

Wash Your Floors

Bathrooms are often wet places and it can be easy for dirt and germs to build up in the corners and along the edges of your floors. Use a Swiffer or traditional mop to wash your bathroom floors. If you have a bathmat or towel on the floor, make sure to clean under those as well. Floor towels should be washed regularly (every 1 to 2 weeks depending on how many people use the bathroom) and bathmats should be replaced as recommended on the mat.

Maintain Your Cleaning

Clorox wipes can help you maintain your bathroom in between deep-cleans. You can use them to wipe toilet seats, sanitize knobs and light switches, and clean off small toothpaste or makeup spills on the counter.

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