TLC Home Services LLC is a house cleaning service for residential homes and small offices. Our staff is dedicated to reducing the stress of “having to do it all.” We understand the time commitment involved in the upkeep of a home, or office! Allowing us to help you maintain it allows you to spend more time building your business, living life, and having the time for being with those you love! We put an extra day into your week!

TLC Home Services LLC is bonded and insured as we are a legitimate company since 2007 and pays taxes. We are also registered with the town of Sturbridge, Massachusetts. We have a reputation to maintain. This means that if a cleaning job isn’t done to your satisfaction, you can take the issue up with the company and we will send a management member out immediately to take care of the issue!

What would it feel like if you never had to clean on the weekends again?

Are you thinking how wonderful it would be to wake up on the weekends and not spend it cleaning?  Well, let us make that happen!  T.L.C. Home Services is a women owned business that has been helping people, just like you for 15 years.

Our customers receive the most thorough and professional house cleaning services in your area!  Are you ready for a professional company to take the burden of cleaning from you?  We are confident in guaranteeing our services, whether it be weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or a one-time cleaning.

Shouldn’t your home be a safe, healthy haven for you and your loved ones?  T.L.C. uses environmentally safe cleaning products for the safety of your family.  We are a small business with a big heart that cares about our customers!   Call to get your free quote!

Nothing is more relaxing than spending your weekends doing what you love instead of cleaning.  We put an extra day in your weekend!

Why many homeowners are left disappointed!

Consider the difference between T.L.C. Home Services and individual cleaners. Many individuals who run their home cleaning businesses are often not bonded or insured. If anything is damaged/broken or the independent cleaner gets hurt in the home, there is little recourse for a homeowner. Independent cleaners often want to be paid in cash or by personal check and normally are under the table.

T.L.C. Home Services LLC is fully insured and bonded.  This means if anything is damaged/broken or one of our cleaning techs hurts themselves in the home, T.L.C. Home Services has you covered.  Why be disappointed?  Choose T.L.C. Home Services and have the assurance of a company who puts you first!

We also have gift certificates for birthdays, anniversaries, baby showers, thank you cards, and more. Give the gift of time to your friends and family!

We offer a wide range of services that cater to both residential and small offices. Take a look and see if our house cleaning services live up to your standards!