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Who is TLC Home Services: How We Started

As your local cleaning company, TLC Home Services LLC has been dedicated to excellent work from the very beginning. Did you know our founder and president Tammie Chenevert began TLC by herself from the ground up? Here’s a little background to help you get to know who TLC Home Services is and how we got started providing cleaning services.

How TLC first began

Originally homeschooling her two children, Tammie was caring for her own home and family. But when her husband’s health forced him out of a job, Tammie took initiative to help provide for her family.

In 2006, Tammie started cleaning and little by little her reputation began to grow. As she continued to clean houses, she realized that in order to keep paying her family’s bills, she would have to think bigger and figure out how to expand her cleaning business. Tammie met with a financial advisor at Clark University and gathered all the information needed to start her cleaning company.

How TLC grew

Armed with a vacuum, a few cleaning products, workers compensation and liability insurance, Tammie started her business in 2007. Then, just six months later, the recession hit. But Tammie refused to give up. She determined that “failure was not an option” so she threw all her profits into advertising and grew her company while other cleaning companies were going out of business. Sixteen years later, Tammie has grown the company by teaching her staff the importance of giving exceptional customer service, honesty, and integrity to each and every customer.

“Our core values define who we are as a company. They have brought us to where we are today and will carry us into the future.” -Tammie Chenevert

Grateful to serve you

For the past 16 years, TLC Home Services has grown and flourished as a small business, and we’re thankful for the opportunity to do what we do. We’re proud to be a woman-owned cleaning business now staffed with a full team to service your needs. Thank you to all of our wonderful clients who have worked with TLC Home Services! We love what we do, and we enjoy helping clients make their homes sparkle.

If you haven’t worked with TLC yet, we would be grateful to serve you, too. Schedule your first consultation with us today, and we’ll be glad to fulfill your cleaning needs!

TLC Vision Statement

Our vision is to offer home services to every household in our service area, ensuring that customers feel cherished and valued by providing exceptional services, creating a sanctuary-like experience.

TLC Mission Statement

At T.L.C. Home Services, our mission is to provide exceptional house cleaning services to enhance the lives of our customers and make a positive impact in our community. We prioritize delivering a WOW experience. We are proud to partner with Cleaning for a Reason, a non-profit organization that provides free cleaning services to cancer patients. Through this partnership, we contribute to the well-being of those in need, spreading care and support during challenging times. Through integrity, honesty, and respect, we build strong relationships with our clients, co-workers, and the entire company, setting the highest ethical standards in everything we do.