Vacant Home Watch

You can’t always be home. Whether it be your primary residence or a rental property you own in the Sturbridge, MA area, there will come a time where your property will sit empty while you’re away. If you’re like many, the only way you’ll be able to enjoy that time away is if you know your home is being properly looked after. Sure, you could call a friend or relative to stay or look in on the home, but you may not want to put someone out and add an extra responsibility to their plate. Alternatively, many property owners utilize smart home technology and lighting timers to give the illusion that someone is home. That’s not the same as an actual, physical presence through. So the next time you plan to be away, why not consider the home watch services offered by TLC Home Services LLC? The “home watch” concept means we’re able to keep an eye on your home any time you’re out of town, or if you’re selling your home and no longer living there, thus leaving the property vacant. No need to call in favors or rely on faulty technology; just reliable service provided by a trusted local company whose long-standing employees have been with us for over 12 years.

Vacant Home Watch Services in Sturbridge, MA

Sturbridge, MA Home Watch Services include:

  • Vacant Home Watch Services
  • Absentee Home Watch Services
  • Check-ins for Airbnb, Vrbo, and Other Rental Properties
  • Vacation Home Watch

Peace of Mind with TLC Home Services

Hiring a company to watch your home while you’re away isn’t just about ensuring the home looks occupied. Sure, that is a major benefit for those who are concerned about potential burglary, but our services also help to ensure your property is well maintained in your absence. For example, the winter months in Massachusetts can be brutal. Investing in home watch services ensures someone is there to check for damage after a storm and keep the pipes from freezing, which could lead to costly repairs. We’ll also water the plants, bring in the mail, take out the trash cans, etc., all with the goal of keeping your property is safe, sound, and exactly as you left it when you return. Check-ins are only performed by our management staff and any video footage taken during a walk-through is then emailed to you for your peace of mind. Planning an upcoming trip or now realizing that home watch services could be just what you need for your local rental property? Contact TLC Home Services LLC today to inquire more about this service and our trusted staff. We look forward to working with you!