Bathroom Cleaning Tip: Rid Your Shower of Soap Scum

Looking to rid your shower or bathtub of soap scum? Here’s a great bathroom cleaning tip to help keep your shower free from soap scum and simplify your bathroom cleaning process!

Did you know bars of soap will leave build up soap scum but liquid soap will not? This little fact is the key to keeping your shower space clean. Here’s what you’ll need to do to make cleaning your shower or tub a cinch:

1. Invest in a dishwand scrubber

Make sure you have a soap dispenser dish brush designated for your shower. Mark it for shower use only with a permanent marker to not mix it up with your wand for washing dishes.

2. Fill it with Dawn dish soap

After filling your dishwand with liquid soap, hang it in the shower so it’s easy to access. Dawn does a great job in removing any oils and soap scum build up.

3. Scrub your tub after each shower

After you’re finished showering, scrub the walls of the shower and tub with the dish dispenser while you’re still inside.

EXTRA TIP: Use a tumbler cup to rinse shower walls when don’t have spout to come off!

This easy process involves little extra work and simplifies your bathroom cleaning routine by maintaining your shower or bathtub cleanliness regularly.

And for the rest of your bathroom, we recommend keeping Clorox wipes handy. You can use them to wipe down your sink, clean the toilet seat, or disinfect your door knobs and light switches! They’re great for multiple purposes and are worth keeping around.

Fun fact: did you know that Clorox wipes work great at removing hair spray? Just wipe and go!

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