Small Business, Big Heart: TLC’s New Branding Reflects Mission

We’ve got some exciting news: our branding is getting a facelift! TLC has always been a small business with a big heart, but we’ve decided it’s time for our branding to better reflect who we are.

Since T.L.C. Home Services LLC first started providing home and cleaning services in 2006, our mission has always gone beyond simply business. T.L.C.’s founder Tammie Chenevert began our home services company by herself from the ground up. When her husband’s health forced him out of a job, Tammie was determined to use her cleaning skills and experience to provide for her family. Slowly but surely, she began to build T.L.C. Home Service’s reputation and network through her hard work and dedication. You can read the whole story here.

As T.L.C. continued to grow and change, Tammie’s heart for family, service and community remained. In fact, it infiltrated the very soul of her business model and work ethic. From volunteering time, energy and products to clean local churches and Christian camps to partnering with Cleaning for a Reason to serve cancer patients, T.L.C. Home Services’ core mission has always been to be a blessing in our community and serve others sacrificially as much as possible.

New Branding, Same Mission

As T.L.C. has thrived and evolved, it’s been our goal to continue to help our community. So, in order to best represent the heart of our mission, T.L.C. Home Services is changing our branding!

Our biggest change right now is our logo. Formerly a cartoon-style scene of a house with cleaning technicians in front, we’ve decided to go with a more simple logo that reflects who we are and what we care about as a small business. Check it out:

The Meaning Behind the Logo

The leaf emerging from the chimney of the house reflects our commitment to using non-toxic cleaning products. For the sake of the environment, our cleaning staff and our clients, we believe it’s so important to use both safe and biodegradable products in our cleaning processes.

Below the house, the green hand represents T.L.C.’s dedication to charity and service.

“We have a heart for the elderly, for those who are struggling physically and have crippling diseases,” Tammie Chenevert shared. “Our desire to help those in physical need encapsulates who we are.”

Help Us Help Someone You Know

As Tammie herself lost a loved one to cancer, her heart to serve cancer patients has bloomed into a partnership with Cleaning for a Reason. This organization finds and directs cancer patients to companies like T.L.C. Home Services to provide free cleanings for cancer patients. If you know of or have a loved one who is currently in the middle of a cancer battle, please contact Cleaning for a Reason so we can connect with your loved one to help. Read more about our partnership with Cleaning for a Reason here.

Would you consider joining hands with us and helping us meet our financial goal as we provide free cleaning services for cancer patients? If you’d like to partner with us, please give here:

To learn more about Cleaning for a Reason, visit their website.

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