Cleaning Tip: How to Dust High Style, High Design Furniture

Here’s a Cleaning Pro-tip:

Have you ever wondered how professionals dust high style furniture with lots of nooks and crannies? T.L.C. Home Services understands the importance of a job well done. Here’s a tip you can use on your furniture to pull all the dust out: clean with make-up brushes! That’s right! Good ol’ fashion make-up brushes can make your furniture brighter and cleaner.

Make Your High Style Furniture Shine

If you want a little more shine on your high design furniture, use a dry make-up brush to get rid of the dust. Then, spritz a little furniture polish on another make-up brush to clean and polish those nooks and crannies. Follow that with a cloth to remove any excess polish. You can store the make-up brush inside a plastic bag to use the next time you want a little shine. You can also use this technique to clean picture frames.

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