It is that time of year.. where we make New Year’s resolutions with the best intent, but struggle to follow through to reach our goal(s). Why does this seem to happen every year? Personally, I try to get myself excited for the resolution by hyping myself up and prepping for the changes ahead, and I still seem to not make it very far into the New Year before giving up.  I know that I am not the only one who struggles to keep myself accountable with my resolutions, in fact the NY Times states that more than half of all resolutions fail! To change that, I jumped online to do some research and found some interesting tips and tricks to help me succeed that I wanted to share!

Do not just create the resolution “I want to lose weight in 2023”. Instead, get specific with your goal to make it more achievable! “I want to lose 20 lbs in 2023” is going to be more effective! If your create a goal to reach, instead of a casual, loose ended goal, you have something tangible to work towards.

Making sure to track your progress is a huge part of creating resolutions. Tracking your progress will highly increase your motivation to achieve your goal.

Keep in mind when you are creating your New Year’s Resolutions that you don’t have to reach for the stars right away. Setting very large goals can be overwhelming, and can cause us to get discouraged and frustrated quickly. Set a small goal at first, and you can build up from there, continuing to set milestone goals to get you to the finish line!

Is this a goal that means something to you, or are you doing it for friends, family, or society? It is very hard to achieve a goal that you are not setting for yourself personally, but rather because you think you should. This is because it isn’t going to be near and dear to our hearts, there will be no fire inside of us to complete the goal if we are doing it for someone else. Setting a goal that YOU want to achieve for YOU, that is the best way to ensure that you follow through!

Making a time frame is key! You want to be realistic with your time frame, giving yourself enough time to reach your goal. Changing old habits, or creating new healthy habits is a marathon, not a sprint! Like we talked about in the realistic category, setting smaller milestone goals to achieve will help get you to your ultimate goal. Do not overwhelm yourself!

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