DIY: Make Your Own Disinfecting Wipes

With all the creepy, unseen viruses in our world today, we all want to do our part in minimizing the spreading of germs. Unfortunately, it is getting harder to find certain items that were once so readily available — including disinfectant wipes. They can be difficult to locate and a little pricey at times, but they are so necessary for certain tasks.

Since TLC Home Services is a small business that I run from home, I do a lot of driving to and from clients’ locations. To make sure I’m prepared for each job, I decided to make homemade disinfecting wipes for both my car and my home. It was pretty easy — and you can do it, too!


  • Strong roll of paper towels
    (Viva® Towels are strong and durable. You don’t want a paper towel that will fall apart!)
  • Serrated knife
  • Airtight container
  • Alcohol
  • Measuring cup
  • Ziploc gallon size baggie


  1. Start by using a serrated knife to cut your paper towel roll in half. Next, put half of the paper towel roll in your airtight container. You can use any kind of container, but Viva® Towels fit perfectly in an empty cleaning wipes container (extra large). Just peel off the label and shove in the paper towels. It can take some squishing, or just wait until your paper towel roll has been partially used then cut it up.
  2. Pour 2.5 cups of alcohol into the container, and let it sit for a couple of minutes, then reach in and pull the cardboard tube out of the center. The cardboard will pull right out.
  3. Grab a paper towel from the center, and pull up so it feeds from the middle. If you used an old store-bought cleaning wipes container, then it is already set up to let you pull one towel at a time. Feed the paper towel you pulled from the middle of the roll through the hole in the lid. If you used another container, you can also put a hole in the top so you can pull the paper towels through if you’d like.

You have two paper towel roll halves, so go ahead and mix up another batch for the car!

  1. Since your paper towel is cut in half, unroll the roll, folding on the perforated sides. Once you are finished, put the towels into a ziploc gallon size baggie.
  2. Pour in 2 cups of alcohol and squeeze all the air out to lock the bag. This is easier to store in your console or glove box.

That’s it! There is something about making your own cleaner that inspires you to dive right in and start tackling those germs! For more tips, check out our other blog posts. And for thorough cleaning of your home, contact TLC Home Services today:

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