Tips to Clean Your Toilet the Non-Toxic Way


Here is a tip to clean your toilet the non-toxic way.  Does your bathroom have that unpleasant smell as if someone didn’t flush the toilet, only to find that wasn’t the case? Urine smell can linger (especially with potty-training boys) and often come from the hinges of the toilet seat and under the bolt caps on the side of the toilet. To eliminate odor, it’s important to remove the source of the odor! Here’s a great tip.

You will need…..
Rubber gloves
Non-Scratch scrubby
Baking Soda
Paper Towels
Old toothbrush for cleaning
Undiluted hydrogen peroxide

Always use rubber gloves, even if it’s your own home!!! Remove the hinge cap and bolt covers. Some toilet seats can be removed entirely, making for easier cleaning.

Plunge down the water in the bowl. Sprinkle the inside of the toilet with Baking Soda. Spray straight vinegar directly on the Baking Soda to create a foam reaction. Use the non-scratch scrubby to scrub inside the toilet and under the rim. Make sure to scrub the entire inside of the bowl. Do not flush at this point. Spray entire outside of toilet with undiluted hydrogen peroxide, including hinges and bolts, Use the old toothbrush and scrub around the hinges and bolts to remove debris. Wipe the entire outside of the toilet with paper towels until clean and shiny. Attach the toilet seat and close lid to flush.

Cleaning your toilets with natural cleaners will not only eliminate instead of masking the odor but also is healthier for those who are doing the cleaning!

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