Cleaning Tip: How to Vacuum Around Big, Heavy Furniture

What’s something almost all of us have in our houses but struggle to clean around? Big, beautiful, heavy furniture. How can you vacuum under the edges or around the legs without moving the furniture, damaging it, or constantly switching out vacuum attachments?

T.L.C. Home Services carries a cool tool in our back pocket to help with this very thing. It’s called a nylon whisk broom! Whisk brooms are versatile. Just whisk away and follow up with a vacuum!

  • This is what we use whisk brooms for:
  • Brushing crumbs off the furniture
  • Removing the build-up of dirt in corners
  • Sweeping away dirt around the legs of furniture
  • Sweeping away dirt along the edges of furniture

We like the nylon whisk brooms better than the straw ones. Straw breaks and then you have to clean up more than a few crumbs! Nylon whisk brooms can be used multiple times, and they’re small, making for easy storage.

T.L.C. Home Services believes the small details make the biggest difference. Let us make a difference for you. Call and book your cleaning today!

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