Prior to finding TLC, I had tried a couple of other cleaning companies that seemed to do a great job on the first visit but after that, the quality went way down. As you can imagine, I was a bit leery to try another company but I just don’t have the time to clean as well as I’d like. I decided to wait before giving my review just in case they turned out to be like the other companies I tried. I just had my 4th visit from TLC and the job was done as well as the first time, in fact, every time has been great. I love the consistency, and they clean like I would clean, THOROUGHLY. Training is great. One of the managers accompanied another team member for the first few visits and on the 4th visit, they sent one person, but the manager came later to do a quality check and pointed out a few things that the person had missed. How fantastic is that?! After 4 visits, I can safely say that I will stay with TLC and am very confident that they will continue to do a great job.

Thanks to all the women who I have met so far; Kim, Paige, Stephanie, Jennifer, and Morgan. Great Job Everyone!

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